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Q: Why anywestern countries and japan is so different To way of thoughts and mind, and anyone think which countries are similar to Japanese culstom and culture and mind etc

I’ve start thinking about it since I get married with Japanese men,
He is so nerrow minded and strict and selfish, but in japan has still men’s priority never “lady first” kind of thought, and surprisingly in here (specially only a big city like Tokyo)
People not really apologized when hit somebody’s part of body in a street or train station somewhere else,
I love Japanese traditional culture but we lost something very important of a human quolity during a industrial revolution after second world wars,

If anyone one think this is silly questions, I will delete immediately,

Also please correct my english,
There is must be a lot of mistakes,
A: @Emmy01 i think your question seems to be serious for this site. we do all wanna help each other though, but it’s hard to give proper answer. nevertheless, cheer up.

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