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Q: ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre Why Arnold started bodybuilding y Why did Arnold start bodybuilding ?
A: "why Arnold started bodybuilding" is a noun clause, not a complete sentence. It means "the reason Arnold started bodybuilding." Since "why" is not asking a question here, it does not need an auxiliary verb.

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Q: ¿Cómo dices esto en Inglés (US)? Arnold Toynbee called it “Hubris”, which means ‘The success of a creative minority who succeeded in changing history, becoming arrogant, blocking own's ears and being arbitrary and losing judgment.’
A: Arnold Toynbee called it “Hubris,” which means ‘The success of a creative minority who first succeeded in changing history and then would become arrogant and arbitrary, start to ignore reason(or something else here. Blocking one’s ears sounds unnatural.), and lose judgment.’

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Q: Arnold van den Bergh turned to be a squealer of Anne Frank.
He was a member of the Amsterdam's Jewish Council, he betrayed her to save his own life.
The investigation team used modern investigative techniques including computer algorithms to crack the cold case.

Is this sentence correct ?
A: I don't think squealer is used in this way in English, I would say "van den Bergh was the one who ratted out Anne Frank" in a casual context, or "van den Bergh turned out to be the one who betrayed Anne Frank" in a more formal context. The rest is great!
Q: I don’t know maybe maybe Arnold lit a fire under some of these guys

He said, "He seems like the only guy that can win it."

By the way, it's more natural to say "Does he say this?"
Q: Arnold agreed to surrender the fort to the British in return for a royal commission in the British army.

what's a royal commission?
A: i don't know exactly the history between this man "Arnold" and the British Army, but i'm pretty sure that if you will do an intense research on google you will find a definite answer. :)
Q: Arnold Schwarzenegger grew up in Australia.His father was a policeman and his mother was a housewife. The home didn't have a flush toilet or a refrigerator until Arnie was 14 . Could you check this for me?
A: thats good 👍

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