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Q: ¿Qué significa half assed?
A: its a slang that means that you did something, but didn't put your full effort into it, you did the bare minimum and just got it done whether its good or bad you don't really know.

Q: ¿Qué significa half assed ?
A: It means that you did not put in all of your effort to do a task.
Q: ¿Qué significa assed?
A: Slightly different, actually. "Can't be assed" is a full expression, that means, "can't be bothered." You don't care enough to do it, because it's too much work.

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Q: What does "assed" mean in the following poem? (It's a poem by a New Zealand poet that criticizes Gauguin's art.)

Gauguin, you piss me off
You strip me bare
assed, turn me on my side
shove a fan in my hand
smearing fingers on thigh
pout my lips below an
almond eye and silhouette me
in smouldering ochre.
A: you strip me = you remove my clothes
bare assed = no clothing covering my butt/ass/buttocks'.
Q: What does "short assed shit" in 339 mean?
A: Like others said it is just profanity to insult the guy being mentioned.
To be specific, though:
"X-assed","X-ass" is a way of emphasizing the quality X in a vulgar (and funny) way. "Look at that huge-ass truck." "Look at that heavy-ass rock!" "He is one mean-ass bastard." "I have one cute-ass chihuahua." (I do not recommend using this phrasing in most cases though unless you don't mind being perceived as "low-class"/uneducated. I do not agree with the stereotype but it is attached to this slang.)
Then "shit" is saying that he, as a person, is like a shit.

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