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Q: ¿Qué significa In Captain Underpants, the fifth epic novel, there is a sentence “My mom’s gonna lay hard-boiled eggs when she sees me.” What’s the meaning of “lay hard-boiled eggs” here??
A: I think it means to be very angry and surprised. It reminds me of another (more vulgar) expression which means the same thing.
Q: ¿Qué significa Captain Marvel—née Carol Danvers?
A: I think it’s a name
Q: ¿Qué significa Captain sensible ?
A: Not sure, but it sounds like Captain Sensible is a character who is conservative and practical with money. It looks like Captain Sensible left a recording, saying something about the article.

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Q: ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre Captain America y Captain American ?
A: thanks!i see,Captain America is a proper noun.

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Q: ¿Cómo dices esto en Inglés (US)? 상습땡땡이범 = サボり魔 = Captain skipper
Is this equation true?
A: This has previously been asked here by firethorn43 on 20 Feb 2016

"We don't have many words to call people who do that specifically, but a lot of words for the action itself. "Playing hooky", a "no-show" "absent without leave" (these also apply to skipping work days). Basically, I wouldn't say "They are a class skipper" but instead "They skip class" or "They tend to skip class/play hooky"
Q: ¿Cómo dices esto en Inglés (UK)? How do you say Captain Marvel's Goose the cat colour? Orange or Ginger?
A: This colour is usually called ginger, or sometimes marmalade. 😊

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Q: ¿Esto suena natural? Captain America. He is an army in US. He got a superpower with human experimentation.In movies, he said “ I can do this all day “third time. Avengers is the strongest team, but members are unique. That’s tie is fragile. But, his words and spirit to succeed makes a great team.
A: Captain America was in the US Army. He got superpowers through human experimentation. In the movies, he said “I can do this all day" three times. The Avengers are the strongest team, but each member is unique. Captain America's connection to the team is fragile, but his inspiring speeches and will to succeed make him a great asset to the team.
Q: ¿Esto suena natural? Captain Smollett was sure they would have won so he gave everyone a task in that hour. When it was time,one of them shot and the fight started. The captain was hurt but they won,and the nine remaining pirates ran away. The captain had to rest. The doctor went to see Gunn,with the map in the pocket. Jim decided to leave without telling anyone. He found the white rock where Gunn said he had hidden his boat when the sun was already gone down and entered in. Then he decided he would have cut the ropes of the Hispaniola from her anchor so the pirates couldn't leave the island no more. He used the boat to do that but that headed towards the open sea as the Hispaniola did.
A: Generally okay but I suggest the following changes:

- delete the commas after “won” and “Gunn”
- change “the pocket” to “his pocket”
- change “sun was already gone down” to “sun had already gone down”
- change “entered in” to “went in”
- change “would have” to “would”
- change “no more” to “any more”

I don’t understand the last sentence. He used the boat to do what? What headed towards the open sea?
Q: Captain America said: "Your suit... it's vibranium?" Why he used "it's" instead of "is it"? Is it right? Is it just an informal kind of conversation or is it just grammatically incorrect?
A: I don’t know about it’s grammatical correctness, but it’s accepted in English.

When you say
“You don’t like it?” instead of “Don’t you like it?”
or “It’s new?” instead of “Is it new?”
it makes it less of a question. It kind of shows that you already know it, but you want to confirm it.
“You’re sure about this?” (You know he’s pretty sure, but you want to confirm it again)

It can also be a surprised reaction.
So if you think your employee comes to you saying he’s done with his task, you may say: “You’re finished? Already?”
Q: I'm watching Captain America 2. Fury showed Steve his phone and it was written 'Shield compromised'.
What does compromised means? Is it like corrupted? Help me guys
A: @SEOKHUN: In this situation "compromised" means it's been taken over and is no longer safe.
Q: What did Captain America say at 0:35 in this Captain America: Civil War Movie CLIP?
A: What if THIS panel sends us somewhere we don't think we should go.

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