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Q: ¿Qué significa how would you like your coffee??
A: Ah. It means do you want coffee with milk? Without milk? With sugar? Then you will get asked "how many sugars?" And if someone says "Black" they mean "with nothing extra."
Q: ¿Qué significa a coffee stand?
A: @A5SATO: It wouldn't be weird! Some coffee stands are portable and others are not. ^^;
Q: ¿Qué significa And please just help yourself to coffee.?
A: ご遠慮なくご自由にコーヒーをもらってください
Q: ¿Qué significa coffee is on me if you are willing....?
A: "I'll pay for you cup of coffee if you are willing to go out for coffee with me." of "I'll pay for you cup of coffee if you'll let me [pay for it]." I'd need more context to know which one of these it is, but chances are it's the first.
Q: ¿Qué significa we promise, the only coffee you’ll get is your own.?
A: I had to think for a while... is this in a job advertisement, or could you give some context?

If it's to do with a job, it sounds like you won't be sent on meaningless tasks like getting coffee for your superiors. It implies that you will be more involved in the interesting stuff. But I'm not sure if that's what is meant, or not.

Ejemplos de oración usando "Coffee"

Q: Por favor muéstrame oraciones como ejemplos con Strong coffee .
A: Example: “she prefers to have strong coffee in the morning”. This means she likes coffee drinks that taste a lot like coffee, not with added sugars or cream.
Q: Por favor muéstrame oraciones como ejemplos con coffee break.
A: After work do you want to go out for a coffee break?

I’m so tired I think I need a coffee break.
Q: Por favor muéstrame oraciones como ejemplos con "it is all about the coffee"
and what does this mean?.
A: People say that to mean the coffee is most important. Usually people say that to talk about the importance of the coffee's quality.
For example a coffee shop can be really pretty but have bad coffee so the shop should not get good reviews only because it is pretty. But the coffee is important, it is all about the coffee.
Q: Por favor muéstrame oraciones como ejemplos con coffee.
A: Do you want coffee?
Do you like coffee?
Do you want to go get coffee with me?
Let’s go get coffee.
I like coffee.
I don’t like coffee.
I love coffee.
I hate coffee.
I’m going to get coffee.

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Q: ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre coffee shop y coffee store ?
A: Coffee shop is where you go to get fresh coffee made for you. Coffee store is where you go to buy coffee beans for home.
Q: ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre coffee shop y snack bar ?
A: coffee shop:
a small restaurant where drinks and snacks are sold
snack bar:
usually inexpensive bar
Q: ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre Could I have a small coffee? y Could I get a small coffee? ?
A: They mean the same thing. "HAVE" sounds a bit more polite.
Q: ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre I'd like one more coffee. y I'd like another cup of coffee. ?
A: 基本的に同じ。強いて言えば、one moreは「後いっぱいコーヒーが飲みたい」とanother cupは「もういっぱいコーヒーがのみたい」
anotherだと、その「もういっぱい」を飲んだ後、その後もまた飲みたくなるかもしれませんが、one moreだとおそらくそれで最後。なんとなくそう感じます。
Q: ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre I want coffee y I want some coffee ?
A: "I want coffee" -- I want coffee.
"I want some coffee" -- I want a cup of coffee.

Ex. 1:
"I'd like coffee, please."
"How much?"
Ex. 2:
"I'd like some coffee, please."
"Here's a cup for you."

Traducciones de "Coffee"

Q: ¿Cómo dices esto en Inglés (US)? I am drinking coffee right now , but with verb have. I am having coffee right now or I have coffee right now?
A: "I am having coffee right now" is correct ☺️
Q: ¿Cómo dices esto en Inglés (US)? coffee
A: Revisa la pregunta para ver la respuesta
Q: ¿Cómo dices esto en Inglés (UK)? thank you for the coffee
A: It might sound a little different because I have an Australian accent. A more casual way of saying this would be to say 'thanks' instead of 'thank you'
Q: ¿Cómo dices esto en Inglés (US)? 私は毎日これ(コーヒー)を飲みます
I drink it (coffee) every day. or I have it (coffee) every day. or no?
A: "I drink it (coffee) every day."
Q: ¿Cómo dices esto en Inglés (US)? the coffee burns my lips or the coffee burns my palate which one is better to express the part I got burned upper side inside of my mouse
A: I burned my mouth or I burned the roof of my mouth.

Otras preguntas sobre "Coffee"

Q: ¿Esto suena natural? If you buy coffee at Starbucks and receive a receipt, you can have one more cup at 100 yen with that receipt.
A: One more cup FOR A 100 yen.

Otherwise it sounds good
Q: ¿Esto suena natural? I would like a coffee, please
A: Your accent it very easy to understand and honestly it sounds very pretty to me. You do not have to pause so much before “please.” The way you said it is very good but it almost sounded like you are begging, since you put a little too much questioning after “please”
Q: ¿Esto suena natural? I dislike the coffee cold.
A: Actually “I dislike coffee cold” is right. But you need to have a slight (super slight) pause between “coffee” and “cold”.

I think it’s best to say one of my sentences.
I dislike cold coffee.
I don’t like cold coffee.
I don’t like when coffee is cold.
I hate when coffee is cold.

Someone told me that the sentence does make sense and sounds natural, but it doesn't make sense to me and sounds unnatural.
Q: Over coffee, he told me a secret. " Over coffee" sounds natural?
A: it means “while drinking some coffee”. If someone says, “let’s talk over some coffee”, they’re inviting you to have some coffee with them while you chat.
Q: ¿Esto suena natural? I've had too much coffee on the empty stomach and I'm starting to feel sick.
A: on an empty stomach

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