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Q: ¿Cómo dices esto en Inglés (US)? Frage über Russisch

Was bedeutet godnota ?

Frage über Russisch
Was bedeutet godnota ?
A: Question about Russians
What does "godnota" mean ?
Q: ¿Cómo dices esto en Inglés (US)? Frage
A: Question (n) / Ask (v)

Ich habe eine Frage für dich
I have a question for you

Ich habe dich gefragt
I asked you

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Q: Frage zu einer Kommaregel im US-Englisch:

"So, it's time now... I'm traveling home, (Komma hier? Ja oder nein?) I'll go back home.
A: Actually, this is two sentences. "So, It's time now ... I'm traveling home. I'll go back home."
However, the whole thing is a little awkward. Maybe, "So, it's time now. I'm going back home."
Q: Frage über Englisch (US)
What ist the difference between question ( 1 red) und ( 2, red) ? Because the answer ist almost the same?
I understand thet: What do think of means: ? you answer: its nice , amazing ect..
but how can you describe this animal? Hier I would rather anwer: its tall, strong , aggressive etc. so i would not answer : amazing or nice. But why in the book, he answers this question : its amzäing: is not that strange?
A: You are right. I find describing a tiger as 'an amazing animal' is a very strange response.
Q: Frage über Englisch (US)
Which sentence is correct ?
1) you need to get plenty of rest.
2) you need to get a lot of rest.
ist no 1 correct?
A: Both are grammatically correct since the sentences are both implying that they needed a rest. Lot and plenty means the same :)
Q: Frage über Englisch (US)

which one is true.?
1)he has french , but he has german blood in him.
2) he is french,but he has a German blood him.
A: He is French, but he has German blood in him

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