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Q: ¿Qué significa gaf ab?
A: This might be nonsense. That isn’t a common phrase, or way to say anything.

It is possible that it this is a very lazy way to say “give a fuck about”. For example “I don’t gaf ab you” could mean “I don’t give a fuck about you”, which means “I don’t care about you.”

If it is intended to mean “give a fuck about”, I don’t recommend shortening the phrase like that. Instead, write out the sentence in its entirety: “I don’t give a fuck about you.” Shortening the phrase might lead to miscommunication or the message might be ignored completely.
Q: ¿Qué significa gaf?
A: I think you mean “gaffe”? A gaffe is a breach of etiquette or decorum or something awkward or embarrassing. For example when a political figure makes a statement that should have been said and they usually get blowback

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