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Q: ¿Qué significa gatekeeper ?
A: 1 : one that tends or guards a gate. 2 : a person who controls access.

Q: ¿Qué significa gatekeeper?
A: A guard at a gate. The word can also be used as a metaphor to describe anyone who chooses who can and cannot enter a place or group.
Q: ¿Qué significa wondrous gatekeeper???
A: it means "wonderful gatekeeper"

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Q: Por favor muéstrame oraciones como ejemplos con gatekeeper .
A: @gimontoya22 he is a gatekeeper of a mansion

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Q: Could you tell me what the "gatekeeper" means here i.e. what is meant by this word in this context, what does it highlight?
A: Traditional journalism includes a number of stages of editing before anything is published. Like someone getting past a bouncer at a nightclub (a modern type of gatekeeper), for an article to get into the newspaper it has to meet criteria.

Social media currently short-circuits a lot of editorial stages except the author's own.

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