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Q: ¿Qué significa Geoffrey's pocket watch had wound down and was telling the wrong time.?
A: The watch started to go more slowly.

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Q: Geoffrey of Malaterra reports that Guiscard rescued Gregory with little trouble and reinstalled him in the Lateran Palace, but then three days later the Romans treacherously rose against him...

From the text above 'with little trouble' means rescued him 'easily' or rescued him with some difficulties?
Any comments would be appreciated.
A: Technically speaking, I don't think there is much difference (I could be wrong though). I think the reason the author would choose not to use "a" is because it would sound/feel to the reader like there was more trouble than it sounds/feels like there is without the "a." Sorry this isn't more helpful, but try reading them both and maybe you'll be able to feel what I'm trying to describe. Also, like I said, there could be a technical difference that I'm unaware of.
Q: ¿Esto suena natural? Geoffrey followed Edward III to war in France.
A: "With France" sounds more accurate, but I'm being picky. Totally natural and understandable. Most natives would mix them.

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