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Q: ¿Qué significa A glorified broom closet ?
A: It means someone is trying to pass off a room as being normal when really it is very small, like a broom closet; or rather, to make an exaggeration/joke about a room being very small:

Speaker 1: That studio apartment was tiny.
Speaker 2: Yeah, it’s a glorified broom closet.

Speaker 1: How’s your new office?
Speaker 2: Pff. It’s a glorified broom closet.

Glorified is used because it is seemingly more grand than it really is. It’s a common phrase to say “It’s a glorified____”.
Q: ¿Qué significa glorified doorstop?
A: You could say "glorified doorstop" when you bought something but never use it.

"I bought a PS4 to play games with my friends but I haven't used it in months. It's a glorified doorstop now."

"The treadmill I bought myself became a glorified doorstop after only a month."
Q: ¿Qué significa "glorified gofer" in 534?
A: A gofer is someone who runs errands- which isn't exactly an important role or job. To call them a glorified gofer, is to say that whoever they're staffed as isn't truly that important and is more like a gofer but with a different title.

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Q: What does "glorified toaster" mean?
A: You're right that it is supposed to be funny, because the character (I don't know him well, sorry) looks like he's shooting beams at people and "toasting" them. So basically Spiderman is teasing him, relating him to a toaster to make him seem less intimidating.
Q: What does "glorified toaster" mean?
A: спайди стебется над роботом, называя его прославленным/расхваленным тостером т.е. переоцененной железякой
Q: what's a glorified shipping container? Please answer it's urgent

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