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Q: What do the godless in the Prof's first line and the rhetorical in the last line by Raj mean?
"Rhetorical" is the one of the most difficult words to translate for me.

Prof Crawley: I haven't even packed yet, and you're already measuring my lab for one of your godless laser machines.
Howard: No, you don't understand. We just want to ask you a question.
Prof Crawley: Let me ask you one first. What's a world renowned entomologist with a doctorate and 20 years of experience to do with his life when the university cuts off the funding for his lab, huh?
Raj: Ask rhetorical questions that make people uncomfortable?
A: Godless. It lacks soul or is unnatural.

Rhetorical: based on rhetoric, which is to do with speaking, making a point, engaging in debate, or forming an argument.
So when you ask a question where the question itself is not the purpose, but proposing the question enables you to make a point.

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