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Q: ¿Qué significa what is GP (the whole sentence is "That's why it's necessary to visit GP to get examined and have the basic health test done"?
A: GP means general prationer they are doctors who do
not specialize in a specific field of medicine. Family doctors are GPS.

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Q: ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre I work as GP usually, but today am assisting my colleague in A&E y I am working as GP usually, but today I assist my colleague in A&E ?
A: I work as GP usually, = Present Simple: this expresses habits or general truth
I am working as GP usually = Present Continuous: this is action happening (temporarily) at the time of speaking
—You can use either of the above tenses.

today (I) am assisting: Every clause must have a subject, and in this case the subject is “I”. It does not matter that you did not say “I”, because it is UNDERSTOOD to be there.

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Q: Which one is correct?
“He’s been to A&E and the GP, they gave him antibiotic, but he got worst.”
“He went to A&E and the GP, they gave him antibiotic, but he got worst.”
A: both are correct. you can use either "he's been" or "he went", however say "an antibiotic" or "antibiotics" :)
Q: Ensure the responsible GP gained of each shipment

What does GP mean? Thank you!
A: maybe, "gross profit"?

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