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Q: ¿Cómo dices esto en Inglés (US)?
" 이 GPU 성능은 굉장히 좋아"

How to say English???

"This GPU is very good " or "This GPU is good working"

is right???
A: I'd say "This GPU works/performs very good/well."

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Q: What does "GPU can wait honestly" here mean?

Bruh, it is so sad seeing people really thinking she has just 2GB of RAM... that is just what Java reserves. Kronii PC is really good, but it can be better, more CPU for more multitasking 9700k has just 8c/8t, which is enough, but you can always go for more while streaming and having so many things open. GPU can wait honestly, when streaming 1080p60fps is the resolution and framerate used, and a 2060 can quite get there easily in a lot of games in decent quality (Ultra settings are way past diminishing returns).
A: I'm pretty sure this comment is talking about possible upgrades that could be done to Kronii's PC. Upgrading the CPU would be great, but there isn't much need to upgrade the GPU (graphics card / graphics processing unit). Saying "it can wait" means that it doesn't need upgrading immediately; you can wait to upgrade until it's needed.

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