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Q: Por favor muéstrame oraciones como ejemplos con I don’t know grammatic English, I would like that anyone could it help me .
A: I don’t know English grammar, I would like someone to help me with it.

Essential Grammar in Use, by Raymond Murphy

Get the book "Essential Grammar in Use". It will help you.

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Q: I often hear questiоns without grammatic form.
For instance:
You really thought I was interested in? (Did you really think...)
When can people say so?
A: Usually when the question-asker is really surprised by something and wants to emphasize that. If you ask this sort of question, you really need to have a special kind of intonation so that people understand what you mean. It might not be a great idea to ask questions like this if you're a learner until you feel like you can "feel" the difference. Hope that helps.

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