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Q: can you correct me please

- If only she knew how "the best granddaddy of the world" will end
- I want to know how I got this teddy bear
- By smiling, she adds....
- your father was called by his boss in another part of the world
-he promised me to come leaving with us when it will be possible
- she's right
-"why do you ask that?" She worries
- I have heard that ...
- I know you forbade me to sent you something

Thank you !
A: 1) if she only know how “the best granddaddy in the world” would end

2) what are you trying to say in “by smiling, she adds...”? If you are trying to say that the act of her smiling adds something then this is correct, however if you want to say that she adds at the same time as smiling then I would say ‘whilst smiling, she adds...’

3) It should be ‘I know you forbade me to send you something’ as the “to send” part is the infinitive

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