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Q: ¿Esto suena natural? Put the grated garlic to make it taste better
A: × Put the grated garlic to make it taste better
✓ Put the grated garlic in to make it taste better.

Q: What does "grated even on proponents of the deal. " mean?

In retrospect, the helipad was probably a bad idea.
The proposed transportation hub for senior Amazon executives was supposed to sit atop one of the company’s gleaming new skyscrapers along the East River, part of its planned second headquarters in Queens, New York. But the image of Amazon Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos and his well-heeled lieutenants bypassing the city’s congested subway system grated even on proponents of the deal. It also handed political opponents a convenient catch phrase—“Stay the helipad out!”
A: It means that it “irritated” or “annoyed” the people who advocated for the deal of the helipad.
Q: Could you correct my English, please?
This is called a grated radish... got it. Alright! I cooked the patty for dinner with grated radish on top with Teriyaki sauce.
I should have made the sauce more. These patty were wolf it down by my family immediately. I was happy!
A: wolfの意味は何ですか

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