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Q: I was wondering if "I'm greeny" could mean the same as "I'm a newbie". It doesn't ring a bell well but I think I heard it from somewhere that "green" could mean "new and clumsy"
A: You did hear correctly, there is a term like that. Being "green" can mean that you're new, a beginner, untrained, inexperienced.

It is like green wood that is freshly cut from the tree: it still has green coloring if you peel away the bark, but it doesn't burn very well yet. It's not very good for furniture or building yet either. Most wood is more useful after it has "seasoned" and aged a bit first, and dried out. But that meaning was used symbolically for young and inexperienced people. They're "green", untrained and unseasoned, still brand new, haven't learned enough yet.

But "greeny" isn't really used. Only "green" is used.

And also, most people say this about someone else, but it's not usually something people say about themselves. So for example: "those new recruits are still green, they barely know how to do anything!"

So these are better for describing yourself:
"newbie" or "noob" (on the internet) or "I'm still learning" or "I'm just a beginner"
Q: is it greeny has meaning of recruit or new?
A: Yep! It refers to a rookie of any kind, but usually someone who just started in a new job (their coworkers might refer to them as a "greeny/greenie", etc)

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