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Q: なぜ若いサーファーをgromと呼ぶのですか?可能であれば、説明が書いてあるサイトを教えてもらえたら嬉しいです。
A: Here's a listing of all the theories:

Personally, I find this answer the most convincing:

The term "grommet" has several different meanings in naval history and I would assume that the nautical-ness found its way into surfing culture.

From the Oxford Companion to Ships and the Sea, grommet is described to be "a ring formed by laying up a single strand of rope three times, and used originally to form eyes on the boltropes of sails." Today, these reinforced holes in sails for fittings are accomplished with metal fittings called grommets, but one can still learn how to make old-school rope grommets, or even buy them from crafty people on etsy.

The second definition for grommet provided by the Oxford companion is "gromet or grummett: from the medieval Latin gromettus, a youth or servant in the British Navy. Gromets ranked above ship's boys and below ordinary seamen." I would have assumed that they called these young sailors this as a sort of endearing way to say they are small, lowly, and plentiful, but still important. A further Google search provides this quote from A Descriptive Catalogue of the Naval Manuscripts in the Pepysian Library at Magdalene College - "In every ship 21 men and a garcion or boy, which is called a Gromet' The word is derived from the Dutch grom, or Low Latin gromettus, one occupied in a servile office."

A further search of Oxford English Dictionary confirms that grom refers to a young surfer, with the word being shortened from grommet, and in-use by the 1980's. It also mentions an Australian origin, and you have mentioned South Africa as well - both places with naval histories. In conclusion, I would say that the original spirit of nicknaming a younger person after this small piece of nautical hardware is where the surfing term originates.

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