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Q: ¿Qué significa what does "groomed" mean??
A: to Groom could mean combing hair, getting ready, that kind of thing. Or, it could mean to slowly train a person without them knowing.
Q: ¿Qué significa groomed?
A: Not the most pleasant of topics!

The police saw a man who appeared to be grooming a young girl in the park.

La policía vio a un hombre en el parque que parecía estar intentando ganarse la confianza de una niña para abusar sexualmente de ella.

The offender had been grooming children online.

El acusado ha estado estableciendo vínculos emocionales en línea con menores de edad para abusar de ellos.

Why not go back to football??
(btw; you just might get your wish regarding Arsenal and relegation!)
Q: ¿Qué significa she was conservatively dressed and groomed within an inch of her life?
A: @mika56345929
"She was dressed conservatively"=
She didn't show a lot of skin/her appearance looked traditional.

"And groomed within an inch of her life" =
She put a lot of effort into her appearance.

I hope this helped! :)

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Q: Por favor muéstrame oraciones como ejemplos con groomed.
A: 1. I groomed my dog, brushing him thoroughly.
2. The man was well groomed; hansome and clean.
3. "Study harder!" his mother demanded. She was grooming him for success.
4. Walking the well groomed road was easy, for it was clean and not bumpy.

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Q: ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre groomed y maintained ?
A: Grooming is for beards/appearance, and also for positions:
He groomed his facial hair.
She was groomed to become the next CEO.
Maintain is similar, but it means to keep from falling into decay:
She maintained the paint finish.
They maintained the castle walls.
You wouldn't use "maintain" when talking about appearance, unless you used the phrase "to maintain one's hair/appearance" but that sounds too formal for everyday speech.

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Q: What does "groomed" mean?
A: Grooming requires some kind of power imbalance and causing the victim to feel attached to/dependent on the groomer, isolated, and so on. In common usage, grooming only refers to adults sexually/romantically manipulating minors, but it can be used more broadly to talk about other kinds of abusive relationships.

You can also financially groom someone, such as if someone is manipulated to give their money to someone or to do work for them with no payment. Not all abusive relationships involve grooming, though. Someone who's just abusive without a power imbalance or attempting to isolate the victim and make them feel dependent on them and who doesn't first try to make the victim trust/rely on them (and so on) is not a groomer. It has a specific meaning so it doesn't apply to all abusive situations.

It would be difficult for someone under 18 to groom someone else under 18 unless they were very different in age/maturity (e.g. a 15-year-old grooming a 10-year-old). It's not impossible and it does (unfortunately) happen, but it's not as common as adult/minor because (in my opinion) grooming requires a certain mindset and set of goals/intentions that isn't common in younger people. Grooming takes a while and requires a level of control that would be difficult for a young person to have over another child in the context of being surrounded by other adults and parents and so on. You normally just see bullying or coercion or other kinds of abuse rather than actual grooming.
Q: “I believe, being traditional and well kept, groomed, having a great education is very important”
In this sentence, what does “Being traditional and well kept” mean? I don’t know grammatically and analytically both😰👴🏻🤔
A: “Being traditional” means to follow and practice the beliefs and actions of our parents and ancestors. “Well-kept” usually refers to taking care of your appearance and health.
Q: What does "groomed" mean? I've read some articles talking about it and even searched but I couldn't find a straightfoward definition.
A: To take the time to prepare someone for a planned task. Such as teaching someone to play football . I need to groom them to be the best team players first.
Q: ¿Esto suena natural? He's been working really hard. I think he is being groomed to the position of CEO.
A: "He's been working really hard. I think he is being groomed for the CEO position."

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