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Q: ¿Qué significa groupie loving?
A: A "groupie" usually refers to a person (usually a young woman) who follows entertainers or celebrities (goes to their concerts, etc.) in the hopes of meeting them. "Groupie loving" refers to their sexual relations with the popstars and celebrities.
Q: ¿Qué significa groupie ?
A: A groupie is a female who follows around a musical group or band, they're usually a fan that tries to get into sexual relations with members of the band.
Q: ¿Qué significa groupie ?
A: to take a photo together with other people
Q: ¿Qué significa What does mean groupie in the context below:

Susan stop it, you got a boyfriend, now everybody at school are saying that you are a "groupie".?
A: I've never heard the word before, but I assume it means "a couple" though.
Q: ¿Qué significa groupie?
A: Someone who likes to follow bands around the country.

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Q: Could you tell me, Is "groupie" a humilating expression compared to "fan" and "supporter"?
A: Yes. "Groupie" implies that the fan has other motives and might invade personal space.
Q: How do you say in Spanish "groupie love"? What is the meaning of "groupie love"?
A: Es algo como:

Amor de las seguidoras

Usualmente, "groupies" son muchachas de alguien muy famoso .. entonces, se podría decir que es "fanáticas" / "seguidoras"

Ademas, "groupies" puede ser los hombres .. pero, normalmente, son mujeres.

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