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Q: ¿Qué significa "out of" in "I acted only out of loyalty to my clan."?
A: you can translate it as "with"

I acted out of kindness
I acted out of hatred
I acted with anger
I acted with love
Q: ¿Qué significa Loyalty gives way to desire.

Does this mean desire is more important than loyalty?

Thank you ❤️?
A: There's actually a discussion on an online forum about this and this is what they said:

Meaning: Garrett the best friend who is supposed to be loyal to his friend Bryce betrayed him instead, telling Sherry what Bryce was up to, because of his (Garrett) desire for Sherry.

Basically yes, to Garrett desire for sherry is more important than his loyalty to Bryce
Q: ¿Qué significa loyalty customer service?
A: it sounds like service which is for vip patron
Q: ¿Qué significa "loyalty card"?
A: a card you can get by signing up that gives you rewards.

for example a coffee loyalty card, that will give you one free coffee if you buy ten. ect.
Q: ¿Qué significa loyalty is dropping and so are profits."so are profits"???
A: The profits are also dropping.

Ejemplos de oración usando "Loyalty"

Q: Por favor muéstrame oraciones como ejemplos con loyalty.
A: The king demanded the loyalty of his lords.
The dog was loyal, and always waited patiently for his owner.
When the disloyal husband was found by his wife, she kicked him out of the house.
Q: Por favor muéstrame oraciones como ejemplos con loyalty.
A: Would you rather have a friend with loyalty or a friend with money.

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Q: ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre loyalty card y membership card ?
A: I think that a loyalty card is more like a ポイントカード, but a membership card is if you’re signed up to a service.

For example: “I have a loyalty card for my favourite cafe.” “I need to show my membership card at the gym.”
Q: ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre loyalty y fidelidy ?
A: I've only heard the word loyalty..
Maybe fidelidy is more formal, anyway its less common to say
Q: ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre loyalty y allegiance ?
A: As nouns the difference between loyalty and allegiance

✔️ loyalty is the state of being loyal; fidelity

✅while allegiance is loyalty to some cause, nation or ruler.
Q: ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre loyalty y fidelity ?
A: When we are loyal, we bind ourselves to a person, a group, a leader, a nation. When we practice fidelity, we bind ourselves not so much to persons but to ideals. Fidelity is faithfulness to vows and duties. While loyalty asks for our allegiance to people, fidelity asks us to keep our promise.
Q: ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre loyalty y royalty ?
A: Loyalty is the state of being loyal, while Royalty is the rank, status, power or authority of a monarch. 

Traducciones de "Loyalty"

Q: ¿Cómo dices esto en Inglés (US)? How do loyalty or queens say "you may leave now?" to their servant? I believe I heard it in movies but I can't remember now

So not sure if you have tiktok or anything, but there was this one viral video that a bunch of people stitched (stitch is like react to) where the guy did an “acting challenge” where he plays like a prince or a king I assume and he cuts in and says “leave us” in a very nonchalant way. So people stitched the video and pretended to be the servants/kitchen staff/etc and they would scurry out of camera shot. 😅

That link is to one of those videos

In a more casual setting we say “may I be excused?” Or “You’re excused” (like at the dinner table when I was a kid I’d ask that)

It depends, if the servant finished doing what they’re doing, the king/queen could say “thank you, you may go now” or “you may leave/be excused.” If they are in the middle of doing something but you need to tell them to leave you could say “Could you leave us/me please”... if I think of the phrase you’re thinking of I’ll let you know
Q: ¿Cómo dices esto en Inglés (US)? loyalty
Q: ¿Cómo dices esto en Inglés (US)? loyalty
Q: ¿Cómo dices esto en Inglés (UK)? スタンプカード(a loyalty card for a shop)にスタンプを押す。
A: "Stamp a loyalty card"/"Put a stamp on a loyalty card" ^^

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Q: ¿Esto suena natural? I know loyalty card
how about point card? Does it make sense?
A: No. They are usually the same kind of card. I meant what words people use most often to call them.

Yes - we have those cards. Starbucks, book stores, grocery stores, restaurants, pet supply stores, and more. Many stores have this.

Most often it is called a reward card and the points go on the reward card. So if you said loyalty card or point card people would know exactly what you are talking about.

Please ask more questions if you need to! 👍😁👍
Q: Por favor, muéstrame cómo pronunciar loyalty, lottery, and Venice
Thanks. .
A: Revisa la pregunta para ver la respuesta
Q: ¿Esto suena natural? Since he has put so much his loyalty into his favourite baseball team, he gets freaked out when the team lost.
A: I'm not sure someone will be freaked out if the team he was loyal to lost.

Do you mean to say:
Since he was a huge fan of his favourite baseball team, he was shocked to find out that the team lost.
Q: ¿Esto suena natural? I got loyalty to my family because I love them
A: I have loyalty towards my family because I love them.
Q: ¿Esto suena natural? The loyalty of Japanese employee is too high to catch up for me.
A: The loyalty of Japanese employes is too high for me to catch up

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