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Q: ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre I live in Mitchell Street. y I live on Mitchell Street. ?
A: You wouldn't use "in" here.

"In" implies "inside, within."
Example: I live in the state of California.

"On" implies "atop, along."
Example: I live on Mitchell Street.

Since you can't literally live inside a street, you would use "on" here. You will never hear someone say "I live in ______ Street," unless they're using improper grammar.

Hope this made sense :-)

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Q: Why does Mitchell say "Let's not talk like that anymore." Is there something rude or ridiculous in their conversation?

Cameron : Do you have eyes on her? Is she here?
Manny : Two o'clock- blonde at the back table.
Cameron : Yep. I have a visual.
Mitchell : Let's not talk like that anymore. Over.
Manny : Okay, this is it. I'm off to win the heart of my beloved.
A: Oh~ really? I got it. Thank you very much...
Q: ¿Esto suena natural? Mitchell really embraced this whole 'take a little break' thing far more than I expected
A: I think you need to speak more slowly.

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