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Q: ¿Qué significa newsboy? snap the lighter closed? I don’t get it. It doesn’t say that there was a lid over his lighter. The dump dozed in the sun? ?
A: A newsboy is a young person that sells or delivers newspapers. They usually carried the newspapers in a cloth bag that had a strap that went over one shoulder. That left both hands free to handle the papers.
Snapped the lighter closed. This refers to an old type of lighter, not the modern, disposable ones. The older ones came in a metal case and always had a lid that you flipped back to use and then flipped closed after you had lit your cigarette. It made a distinctive sound.
"To doze" means to nap or to sleep lightly. The dump dozed in the sun because there was nothing happening in the dump, so it is described as dozing. This is a terrible sentence (I think King is a terrible writer). It is very unusual to say that the dump was dozing. You can say that a cat dozed in the sun or that a man on the beach dozed in the sun, but this sentence is just badly written.

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