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often as noun: overclocking

Run (the processor of one's computer) at a speed higher than that intended by the manufacturers.

Example sentences:

‘Even more odd was the fact that it happened again when overclocking the video card.’

‘On the next page, we'll look at overclocking both CPUs with each cooler and consider noise factors.’

‘So, overclocking the card to those speeds yielded a nice performance increase.’

‘So you can overclock your Athlon 64 processor with the multiplier locked from above, without worrying about the peripheral devices.’

‘After a reboot, we then overclocked the video card in XTurbo mode, which used slightly higher voltages on the core and memory.’

‘The Hardware Monitor Setup lets you overclock the computer in a multitude of ways.’

‘This allowed us to overclock the processor by increasing the FSB frequency, without worrying about any peripheral devices.’

‘Many hardware sites have cheerfully overclocked Athlon processors and in the process given AMD a reputation for clock speed, which has undoubtedly boosted chip sales.’

‘If overclocking the Prescott is in your plans, air cooling is probably not the way to go.’

‘Basically, this bit of software allows the video card to be overclocked beyond ATI's default clock speeds without invalidating the warranty.’

‘The act of overclocking a CPU increases the temperature since more work is being done at one time.’

‘Tom has found a way of overclocking the socket processors from AMD.’

‘We managed to overclock both the video cards and processor without hitch.’

‘That's truly the most important thing when you overclock the processor by raising the bus frequency.’

‘If you do want less noise and/or more cooling performance, or intend to overclock your CPU, any of the coolers shown here represents an improvement.’

‘If you are not overclocking you may be able to unplug the fan in order to make your PC a little quieter.’

‘The next task was to try to stress the system a little more, by providing more voltage and overclocking the CPU.’

‘This should prove to help with overclocking the video card beyond its default clock speeds.’

‘With the stock performance we've seen today, we almost forgot about overclocking it.’

‘We look at what happens when both processors are overclocked at 4.1 GHz.’


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