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Q: ¿Qué significa pallied stones”?
gave out”? Like before he run out of matches?
cargo”? What does it mean here?
by a single living twist of meat”?
fetch up”??
A: To be honest, I think "pallied" might be a misspelling of pallid, which means "pale and sickly looking". I'm not aware of any word called pallied, but pallid makes sense in this context.

Gave out refers to something failing, especially something with energy, power or light. In this case it means that his matches burn down completely, so he has no matches anymore. The phrase gave out is most often used to say "the light or the torch gave out" (the fire burned out or the light lost power).

Cargo just refers to something being transported. The context of what the "unspeakable cargo" is should be clear from the story.

"A single living twist of meat" = I'm not quite sure, but I think it means the leg is hanging on by a thread, as in most of the leg is cut off and there's just one small piece of flesh attaching the leg to the rest of the body.

Don't really know what fetch up means tbh. Seems to be British slang, but this definition still doesn't help me understand the context. Maybe it will help you:

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