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Q: ¿Qué significa Because of pushback from the White House against acting before Biden had made his decision.?
A: This sentence is really confusing. It almost seems like two sentences were squished together without finishing either of them.
"Because of the pushback from the White House against acting...."
"Before Biden had made his decision..."
This could be:
"Because of the push back from the White House against acting, before Biden had made his decision...." but that still isn't a completed sentence.
Q: ¿Qué significa pushback ?
A: to postpone

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Q: "There's been some strong pushback from Republicans on this, however."
This is a citation from Oxford Dictionary. I would like to ask if "however" is commonly used at the end of a sentence like this. I know "though" is common.
A: As above. "However" is a very formal word, so you would use it in a professional environment. "Though" is more casual. You can use However to start or end a sentence that contradicts the one before it. It's more common at the start than at the end. You would usually only use however at the end of a sentence when writing, rather than speaking. It's more of a stylistic choice than anything, both are correct.

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