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Q: ¿Qué significa And also be sure you include a good reference section where all your published and unpublished data came from, cause you have a lot of unpublished climate data?
A: @Masaki0704 ohh good luck brother 😊
Q: ¿Qué significa “a reference librarian” means a person or a book? Or Both according the context??
A: @H-oon this is in reference to a person. A librarian is a person who works at the library and can be used as a reference or guide to books and other subjects. If you want to refer to a book, you could just leave out librarian and just say "reference"
Q: ¿Qué significa This two reference numbers are used for all visuals?
A: @Dong1
from picture 1 that you posted, it says in the manual the "motorized diffuser" will be referred to by #40461 when you look at the visuals (drawings and photographs) in the manual (explains how to use it and also sometimes how to assemble and fix problems. They also say that #18342 (different product) will also be in the visuals.

Do you understand?
Q: ¿Qué significa making reference to ?
A: Taking about
Q: ¿Qué significa Belonging through reference with ’pseud-Indian’ symbols… is earned at the expense of the nonbelonging of Native people themselves.?
A: I've never heard the term "belonging through reference". My first temptation is to say it's someone attempting to sound sophisticated without actually having sufficient command of English.

A at the expense of B = B is the price paid in order to make A possible. So this statement means that Native people do not belong so that someone else can pretend to belong by using "pseudo-Indian" symbols.

"Belonging", of course, is a sociological term whose meaning you probably understand, if that is your homework?

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Q: Por favor muéstrame oraciones como ejemplos con reference.
A: I reference that in my book on page 45.

please use my list of contacts for reference.

she references his work in her speech.
Q: Por favor muéstrame oraciones como ejemplos con How can I make reference to the owner of something if I don't if this person is Women or Man.

I want to avoid to put "His/her".

is that possible?.
A: Use 'Their'
Q: Por favor muéstrame oraciones como ejemplos con for your reference / as your reference .
A: "You can keep this number as your reference for today's call"

"For your reference you can click on the link below"
Q: Por favor muéstrame oraciones como ejemplos con for reference.
A: Please keep the duplicate copy of the contract for your reference.

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Q: ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre reference letter y recommendation letter ?
A: a suggestion or proposal as to the best course of action, especially one put forward by an authoritative body. (recommendation)

a letter from a previous employer testifying to someone's ability or reliability, used when applying for a new job (reference) no family, no friends
Q: ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre "Comparing to a reference" y "Comparing to the reference" ?
A: “A reference” suggests that there are several references available for comparison.

“The reference” suggests that a reference has already been chosen, and is the target reference for comparison.
Q: ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre reference y meme ?
A: Reference is just when you get something out of a book, movie or whatever. And that is your reference.
A meme is just what we call internet stupid jokes.
Sometimes to make a meme, people use movie lines or books as a reference.
Q: ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre reference data y references ?
A: Data (or reference data) is information and references refers to the sources of information.
Q: ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre reference y citation ?
A: A reference is something that connects something back to something else.
A citation is a reference to/quotation from a book.

Traducciones de "Reference"

Q: ¿Cómo dices esto en Inglés (US)? *** Just trying to use it for reference when I plan my schedule.

그냥 나 일정 세우는데 참고 하려고 해
A: Just trying to use it for reference when I plan my schedule.
Q: ¿Cómo dices esto en Inglés (US)? 부드러운 음악

For reference, this subtitle appears as a young man is walking into a shop. No one is speaking so I want to see if these subtitles are describing sounds or actions in the show.
A: It means "soft music" ... in this particular scene, was there soft or soothing music playing in the shop?
Q: ¿Cómo dices esto en Inglés (US)? I am writing a reference document for my application. I need to show how the relationship has started and how long. I met the guy in the previous company in 2014. Then, is it a natural sentence? Please let me know!
A: Was he your boss? Because then you can say “Employer” like “Employer in 2014” or “Employer (2014)”
Q: ¿Cómo dices esto en Inglés (US)? why do you make reference to the day thrusday when you post pictures or memories con Facebook???.. #TBT
A: The "Th" in "Thursday" matches the "Th" in "Throwback". There is nothing significant in American culture about Thursday other than that.

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Q: To say that a cited reference (cited by someone else) is inappropriate, is it grammatically correct to say

"The reference does not qualify for being cited here."?
A: You could say
The reference does not qualify to be cited here : )
Q: When you reference at the end of your essay, do you put ALL the materials you have looked at? or choose some that you have used or looked at more?
A: I think you put in all the ones that you looked at that were RELEVANT to the content of your study. So if you looked at ones then realized that they were written on a different topic and were irrelevant, then you don't need to include those. Anything that informed your study or your thinking needs to be included.
Q: Can "reference" mean "background knowledge"? Because I've heard sentences like "Why should students have the same references as you and me?" and I'm sure the whole talk was about background knowledge.
A: Well, if you are referring to something you are mentioning something but not explaining it so that implies that the other person knows more about what you are talking about and will be reminded by your reference so kind of?
Q: ¿Esto suena natural? ​​A reference letter is no longer needed, as employees can get endorsed from their former superiors on LinkedIn. A human resource manager will probably check the accountability of that endorsement according to the network contact or circle of friends of a job seeker
A: if you want to be fancy you could say ...manager can easily check the veracity of...
less fancy ...manager can easily verify that endorsement...
Q: ¿Esto suena natural? If you need any reference from my previous employers, I can manage that.
A: It sounds almost natural, but I would say "If you need any references from my previous employers [...]" rather than singular "reference".

The most common way to say the same thing would be "References are available upon request" or simply "References available upon request."

However, many people nowadays recommend not including statements like this on your résumé because they are overused and potential employers will expect job applicants to have references available anyway. So it's definitely considered unnecessary and some people actually advise against including statements like these.

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