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Q: ¿Qué significa Rockin?
A: thank you:)
Q: ¿Qué significa Rockin' secondhand chic?
A: Secondhand means an item that someone else has already owned. in the US, "secondhand shops" are popular for getting cheap, already-owned clothes, jewelry, and other items.

Chic is fashion. I think it is from French.

So "secondhand chic" is the fashion of used clothes (and sometimes jewelry etc.)

"Rockin'" in this case means the secondhand chic (clothing etc.) is being worn well. The person looks really, really good in the clothes. They are really making the best of the clothes/jewelry. "Rockin'" comes from "Rock and roll." The music style. If you're Rockin' you are really getting ito it (本当にはまっていることだと思います) So rockin' is used for anything you really get into or do well, but it's very, very casual speech, so almost never use it except with friends!

So this person is really wearing the secondhand clothes well, maybe looks really sexy or cool.

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