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Q: If I talk to A like “B said you’re being too lazy”, does it mean that I’m scolding A *on B’s behalf*?

(I’m trying to understand the phrase “on someone’s behalf)
A: @softener it’s possible, but not likely. This scenario is more like gossip, or relaying a message on someone else’s behalf. In this scenario it doesn’t sound to me like you are actually scolding A; you are just informing them that B doesn’t like how they’re acting. You are passing in the message, though, so you are still telling A something that B would like them to know. That is the concept of doing something on behalf of someone else.

My mother is sick, so I am bringing these cookies she made for you on her behalf.

He died before he could give his daughter the watch, so her mother gave it to her on his behalf.

Sheila slapped Ted on behalf of his wife, on whom he cheated. (This is more the scenario of reprimanding someone for the sake of someone else).

Q: ¿Esto suena natural? "Try harder!" "Why don't you give it all you've got!" Those pep-talks or scoldings from parents don't make their children any better motivated or help them grow independent. Only real experiences, like mingling with other kids with different ideas or playing in the mountains or rivers, can do. So says the latest research report.
A: It's almost perfect. Great job!

"Only real experiences...rivers, can."
"...rivers, can do so".

The first sentence I wrote is a little more natural than the second one.

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