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Q: ¿Qué significa He currently heads a seventy plus person project management.?
A: It means he is the leader and he is in charge of a very large team of people working on a project
Q: ¿Qué significa at nine seventy eight thirty-seven…?
A: mira, significa que el "S & P 500" ha disminuido por 15 puntos y ahora, el nuevo numero es 978.37

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Q: ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre seventy-six y seventy six ?
A: no difference
Q: ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre i have been driving at seventy miles an hour y i was driving at seventy miles an hour ?
A: ①I have been driving at seventy miles an hour. も
②I was driving at seventy miles an hour. も、ともに

When I occurred the accident, 「事故を起こした当時に、」に続く文としては、

Before I noticed the child on the road, 「路上に子供に気がつくまで、」なら、①だけが成り立つ、というだけのことかと思います。

③I drove at seventy miles an hour. でも、同じく「毎時70マイルで運転し『てい』た」と訳しうる場合が少なくないことに注意するべきです。

Traducciones de "Seventy"

Q: ¿Cómo dices esto en Inglés (US)? 1.375 (one thousand three hundred and seventy five.
one thousand three hundred seventy five)
A: First, we write a comma (,) instead of a point (.). We only use a point for fractions and for punctuation at the end of a sentence. For example, 1.5 = 1 1/2. When we write it at the end of a sentence it's called a "period" or a "full stop".

1,375 = one thousand three hundred seventy-five

1.5 = one point five, or one and a half

Otras preguntas sobre "Seventy"

Q: Por favor, muéstrame cómo pronunciar seventy, seventy-one, seventy-seven .
A: Revisa la pregunta para ver la respuesta
Q: ¿Esto suena natural? Over seventy per cent of animals and plants are suffering from diseases due to bad air and water quality.
A: I think it's natural, but I would say it like this:

"...due to (THE) bad (QUALITY) (OF) (THE) air and water."
Q: ¿Esto suena natural? In the seventys has better music than now
A: The seventies had better music than now/today.

In the seventies (70's), there was better music than nowadays.
Q: ¿Esto suena natural? 5,378,212
five million and three hundred seventy eight thousand and two hundred twelve
A: Five million, three hundred and seventy eight thousand, two hundred and twelve

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