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Q: ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre I haven't gave (past simple tence) water the plant for a year. y I haven't given (past participle tence )water the ptant for a year. ?
A: "I haven't gave" is incorrect.

"I haven't given water to the plant for a year" is grammatically correct, but we would say

"I haven't watered the plant for one year"

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Q: ¿Cómo dices esto en Inglés (US)? Я была занята and which tence I need to use
A: I was busy.

Which tense do I need to use? *

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Q: What it the past tence of correct
Is it correct to say ''
past tence?
A: @wow1234 ohh i was just correcting the spelling. but yes it's correct to say "past tense" if you're asking for the past tense of some action.
Q: Which tence to use to talk about an action finished in the past without indicating when it happened? For example: I spoke with (someone). or I've spoken with ...
A: You use the simple past if you just relating a fact. You use the perfect when you want to give the sentence a flavor of “already“
Q: Please tell me about tence(will, would, would have etc.) in if sentences.

"Look at these, Naomi.
There are lovely wellingtons here.
Yesterday, you said you wanted to get them, didn't you?"
"Yes, mum.
Hmm...but they are red and black.
I want pink ones.
If they were pink, I would buy them..."

"I went to a shoe shop to buy wellingtons yesterday.
But sadly they only had red and black ones.
If they had been pink, I would have bought them."

Could you please correct my if sentences?
Only if parts are OK.
Thank you.
A: The tense of all these is fine.

To make this completely natural I'd change this bit...

"Look at these, Naomi.
There are lovely wellingtons here..."

"Look at these lovely wellingtons Naomi..."
Q: what is past tence of "must be"?
A: Must doesn't have tenses, it is not a verb. Must have been is the conjugation of "to be" with a modifier (must).

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