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Q: ¿Qué significa How did you weasel in here??
A: Weasels are thought of as sneaky pests so in this context the speaker is likely expressing surprise and disgust/annoyance from seeing you. It could also be a teasing way to say you didn't notice someone enter a room if you say it in a light/friendly tone.
Q: ¿Qué significa To weasel?
A: As a verb, to weasel means to escape from an obligation or achieve something using deceit and misdirection. It has a very negative connotation.
Q: ¿Qué significa I popped the weasel!?
A: in zootopia it was a allusion to a popular nursery rhyme "POP Goes the Weasel"
Q: ¿Qué significa weasel his way out ?
A: It means to get out of something.
Q: ¿Qué significa what does "weasel" means?? ?
A: weasel is an animal. If you try to hold one it is really good at getting out of your hands. We sometimes we use it as a verb "Weasel out of the situation"

Ejemplos de oración usando "Weasel"

Q: Por favor muéstrame oraciones como ejemplos con weasel.
A: He doesn't want to go to dinner, so he is trying to weasel out of it.
She weaseled out of going to the meeting.
He tricked me out of $20. What a weasel!
Q: Por favor muéstrame oraciones como ejemplos con weasel.
A: I'm supposed to give a speech but I'll talk to my teacher, perhaps I can weasel out of it.
Don't try to weasel out of your responsibilities; stand up and be a man!

Otras preguntas sobre "Weasel"

Q: what does to weasel out mean when referring to a person feel free to provide some examples if you want thanks again beforehand.
A: To "weasel out" of something means you were supposed to do something (like a task at work, a responsibility, a favor you'd promised to do for someone etc) but you found a way NOT to do it that is deliberately sneaky, dishonest or underhanded.

She was supposed to pick up the children from school but she weaseled out and sent someone else to do it even though I told her I don't trust strangers with my children
Q: Por favor, muéstrame cómo pronunciar Whistle and weasel .
A: First I will do the vowels, then the words

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