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Are both sentences right?
Q: Xiao Ming's parents waited Xiao Ming at the bus stop at 9:00 yesterday.

‎Why is there no for after waited?

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A: It's always a rule to use *for*
I don't think it's Chinglish...and neither is it used without *for* in colloquial speech... It's just a mistake... If I had to say, it's because your teacher is Chinese and thought to use English with the Chinese way of thinking/speaking... Some people do that...😅... It's common mistake to be honest and that's why some thought it was correct...
Q: ¿Esto suena natural? I met Xiao in the restaurant with my friends,but actually I wanted to talk with her two of us because the members were all Taiwanese without me.I expected that they must speak their language.Just like I thought,they spoke their language that is why I could not join their conversation well.
A: I met Xiao in the restaurant with my friends, but actually I wanted just the two of us to talk, because without me all the members were Taiwanese. I suspected they would speak Taiwanese. Just like I thought, they spoke their own language, which is why I couldn’t join into their conversation well.
Q: Dear Xiao Ming,

I have received your Email today, you said who need a job and give you some advice. I think that’s a great idea, everybody needs a job for bread and butter.
These are my ideas for you searching a job:
First: I hope you look for a job of sales, to become a salesman. Because every company needs to sell products. You will make a huge money when you sold a lot of products.
Second: usually a sales man will be free, you can make the friend at the company. A Chinese proverb said, ”the more friends bring more roads.”

At last, I hope to you successfully find a job soon.


Li Hua
A: not every company is needed to sell. facebook didnt sell anything.

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