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28 jul 2015

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¿Qué significa Voorletters ?

Often I see the section to put this "voorletters" in the required field for example when ordering something online. The Englihs translation is "initials" but I wonder if it means the first letter of first name or last name or both. Because there always follows a field to put my last name ("Achternaam") and I feel strange to put the initial of my first name and of my last name then to put my last name.

What does "voorletters" mean to my name? I have only two names. The given name and the family name. No middle name, no christian name, no spanish name, no Hubert who has the longest name in the world, just two.

What would "voorletters" be for me? My name is Barak Obama, for example.

Also, for "tussenvoegsel", since I don't have any middle name or "van" in my name, can I just leave it emtpy?
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¿Qué significa Voorletters?
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