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¿Esto suena natural? Q4&16. Have you experienced a bird strike? If so, tell me about your bird strike experience.
A.Yes, I have. When I was a trainee of the Japan Air Self Defense Force, I would do flight training at Yonago airport which is situated in Tottori prefecture. Since it was very close to the sea, Bird strikes occasionally happened. One time, It was really sunny day. My flight instructor and I approached Yonago Airport after navigation training. There was no cloud and the wind was almost nearly clam at that time. I was completely careless about watching around us and just focusing on landing. Suddenly, I heard a strange sound from the right side of the plane but I had no idea what happened. We landed safely as normal and taxied back to ramp area. When I got out of the plane and did the exterior inspection, I realized that we had had a bird strike because a part of right wing was covered by blood. After this experience, I have become to be vigilant against birds when I take off and land.

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